Unique Education System

NIBE offers CAT-P, a highest level professional course in to Accounts, Finance & Tax. The program is uniquely designed such that the students are holistically developed in all spheres of Commerce, Business and they experience real-life applications of the core leadership and management concepts.

Practical & Experience-Based Learning

If we give you one book to read on “How to Fly an Airplane”, even though you memorize that book and remember each and every word, can you fly an airplane?

Same is with our Commerce studies. What is the point in merely memorizing the definitions of Marketing, and the theories of Marketing, while you don’t know how to face the prospect and convert the inquiry in to sales?

Business needs practical skills and it is meaningless to merely memorize the books and score 90%-92%.

At NIBE, we believe that in each and every sphere of business, the future leader must possess practical skills. So our entire training will teach you the concepts as well as make you perfect in implementation of those concepts.

Futuristic Education:

Education is the biggest long term investment of life. The result of education is reaped over next 40 to 50 years of working life.

So the education must train on latest technology training, to make you capable of futuristic skills.

The education should not be test of memory, but it should be a test of application of knowledge. As today knowledge is available at a single tip of Google. And what has become important is its application in real life scenarios.

The education should make every student a learner for life time so that he will be ready to face any new advancements and changes in knowledge, skills & laws…

Holistic Life Development

At NIBE the CAT-P course Insures Holistic Development of mind, body, character & Llfe, so that every student of ours lead a happy & peacefull life.