About Us

Nilaya’s Group of Educational Institutes based in Pune, pioneered in the year 2008. Today we are one of the best education institutes in practical Commerce training In INDIA. We are working in various segments of commerce and skills training since 2008.

Thousands of students are getting benefited by our courses. Our expertise are in providing practical training to our students ensure that all of them are at par on the various business as well as corporate skills and are ready to compete with the business world with the HANDS ON EXPERIENCE they gain while they learn here.

We strongly believe in the quality education which has a power to create the future of humanity that will help them to utilize the best of their knowledge to deal with the world more ETHICALLY.

At NILAYA GROUP, we are inspired to create a Responsible, Peaceful & Happy World by teaching our students the more practical & ethical business practice which will lead to a Successful & Prosperous LIFE. We always STRIVE to achieve nothing less than EXCELLENT!!

The quality of education at Nilaya’s, is recognized by many leading news papers and tv channels like Zee 24 Tass & Saam tv. These tv channels have conducted “live interviews” of our founder, CA Nilay P. Mehta and arranged his guidance sessions.

Our innovative teaching techniques has been rewarded through our results and some rewards like “Shikshandoot” award in 2012. We have received appreciations from many leading corporate also.

  • Nilaya Foundation
  • NIBE: The International Business College
  • Nilaya ICATS Institute of Commerce
  • Nilaya Life and Skills Development Centers
  • Nilaya Life and Skills Educares Pvt. Ltd.
Core Ideology
Creating a responsible, peaceful & prosperous humanity by spreading purest life and skills education, so that one day our planet will become a ‘Happy Planet’.
My work is my prayer to my God.
Provide that Education,By which Character is Formed; Strength of Mind is Increased; The Intellect is Expanded…By which… one will not only become a Money Making Machine…But will also become A Loving, Happy, Peaceful & Responsible Human Being,with capability to achieve Humongous Success..
Campus Tour
40000 Sq Feet & 7 Storied Infrastructure at Heart of Pune City.

At NIBE, we are quite sure that at every instance & moment the visitor will say WOW !!! – That of EXCELLENCE – through our curriculum, the method of delivery, the faculty as well as the campus. NIBE is located at the central location in Pune, the sprawling campus spans across 40,000 sq. ft. fully equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art set up, the entire campus is WI-FI enabled. Built to give the students and faculty the experience of being in universities abroad, the features and facilities are one of its kinds in Pune City.

  • 01 Well Qualified Faculty for Training and Extracurricular Activities
  • 02 Centralised Location
  • 03 100% Practical and Fully Computerised
  • 04 100% industry Standard Followed
  • 05 Well Designed Campus
  • 06 Meditation Room
  • 07 Facilities to Promote Your Passion
  • 08 Well Equipped Canteen
  • 09 Hostel Facility

We always come across someone in our life, whom we meet on the exact point of life where we are about to start something new, something beautiful whether it can be career or any life decision. We just need a motivator who can bring us apart from the crowd and lift us up for a better way of life. Our CEO & Founder of Nilaya Education Group, CA. Nilay P. Mehta is now looked up by thousands of students as a Guru or Mentor in their life, let’s meet Nilay Sir.

CA Nilay Mehta
Career @ NIBE

We offer excellent environment and opportunity for growth. We require experience faculties for different subjects looking forward for people who are passionate about making a difference in students life and love teaching and good story tellers with hands on industry experience.